Parents & Coaches


Club Meetings

Ideally, all coaches and parents of Avon Lake wrestlers are involved and engaged with the club. Our meetings are open. The club runs the youth wrestling program, supports the high school and middle school teams, and promotes the sport of wrestling in Avon Lake. The club is the fundraising apparatus for the entire K-12 program. It plans the annual reverse raffle, organizes volunteers for hosted tournaments, plans summer camps, apparel team stores, and more.

2023 Meeting Schedule:
April 30, May 21, June 11, July 30, August 28, September 24, October 23. All meetings are at 7:00 pm at the American Legion on Walker Rd. These dates are subject to change.

2023-2024 Officers:
• President: Mike Valerino
• Director of Youth Wrestling: Owen Lademann
• Treasurer: John Gill
• Fundraising Chair: Aubrie Valerino

2022-2023 Coaches:
• HS Head Coach: Scott Sedlick
• HS Assistant Coach: John Sedlick
• HS Assistant Coach: John Gill
• HS Girls Coach: Dennis Copfer
• Learwood Head Coach: Al Hobar
• Learwood Assistant Coach: Erik Mathisen
• Youth Head Coach: Ryan McDavid
• Youth Assistant Coach: Chris Taus
• Youth Assistant Coach: Chris Conrad
• Mini Shoremen Coach: Bill Lawton

Currently seeking
• Youth & Learwood Photographers
• Boosters Liaison
Email for more information.

Cobos Classic High School Invitational

December 3, 2022 at Avon Lake High School

Avon Lake hosts an annual high school wrestling tournament to kick off the season in early December, named after our generous sponsor, Cobos Insurance.

The Cobos Classic is a pool-style tournament where each wrestler competes against all the other wrestlers in their pool and then the top wrestlers from each pool compete in a bracket. The final round of placement matches will be held in the late afternoon. It all makes for a great day of wrestling that is supported by the whole community.

How Can Parents Help?

This will be a great weekend with fantastic wrestling and it’s the club’s job to keep everyone involved fed and hydrated. It’s is a high school tournament, but we depend on help from wrestling parents at all levels of the program.

As many as 16 schools participate and our job as the parents is to feed all the coaches, referees, table workers, bus drivers, and of course, our team. Many community businesses provide food for the hospitality room and wrestling parents give support by donating snacks and drinks.

There are 3 ways parents can help:

How Can Parents Attend?

Tickets will be available starting on Friday for purchase through the ALHS Box Office. Cost is $6 per session or $15 pass for all 3 sessions. Online ticketing only, no cash will be accepted at the gate. You can also follow the action online in real time through our tournament vendor, Jake’s Wrestling.

Open Tournaments

We also host open tournaments for youth, middle school, and high school wrestlers, specifically the Avon Lake Fall Open in November. The open is a great opportunity for the athletes to compete while also raising funds for the club. Volunteers are needed for these as well, usually to run tables and awards.